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  • Enlisted looking for advice

    I recently enlisted in the Washington Army National Guard. I have a plan for my military career and I am looking for any advice/opinions on my path.

    About me:
    AGE: 18
    ***: Male
    ASVAB Over-all: 92
    MOS: 91B (enlisted DEC 2011) (BCT FEB 2012) (AIT MAY 2012)

    I joined the NG with the intent to take my career as far as I could. At the time, I decided I wanted to start at the bottom and learn some basic skills. So, while my scores qualified me for almost any job I wanted, I chose to go in as a 91B (wheeled vehicle mechanic) with the idea that I could move up and out to a more suitable MOS.

    Goal: My ultimate goal is to become a high-ranking Officer in the Army. As far as this plan is concerned, my ending goal is acceptance to WEST POINT.

    Step 1) FEB-AUG 2012
    Train as 91B

    Step 2) SEP2012-JAN 2013
    College courses at local CC

    Step 3) JAN - ? 2013
    Washington State Patrol Trooper Academy

    Step 4) SUMMER 2013
    Reclass MOS to (35M Human Intelligence Collector) or (21B Combat Engineer) [whichever is available]

    Step 5) FALL/WINTER 2013

    Step 6) Spring 2014
    Employment as WSP/college courses at local CC.

    Pending my enrollment status;
    attend WEST POINT or
    decide where to go from there

    Note: this plan depends on if/when I am able to complete each step

    I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer on my plan. I realize that things don't always go as planned so I don't have the mindset that this is set in stone but I do know that I will give my best to ensure my goal is met.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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    Re: Enlisted looking for advice

    Steps 3 and 4 don't make sense. Are they merely for backup, if you don't get accepted to West Point?


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      Re: Enlisted looking for advice

      +1 on LTC's comment.

      You need to decide if you want to be a cop and a guardsman, or a guardsman who then goes to west point. There is not much flexibility in combing all those ideas.


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        Re: Enlisted looking for advice

        Stay focused on your long term goal: becoming an officer. Try to stand out within your unit(s) and your initial MOS. If your goal is to become an officer why would you switch your MOS and then pack it up again to go to West Point? Your GED may make you less competitive than other applicants as well.


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          Re: Enlisted looking for advice

          I had a soldier that came through my RSP that will be starting at West Point this summer, apparently the Guard is given a certain number of slots there each year. but like the others have said, you won't be able to do your whole list.


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            Re: Enlisted looking for advice

            On a positive note, I will say that it is impressive to see a young guy (or a gal?) have ambition and want to do things with their life. Many people go down the wrong road. We just need to get the dreams in a realistic order to be best accomplished. But I do wish you the best of luck in it all.


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              Re: Enlisted looking for advice

              Thank you all for your feedback!

              As you all showed concern about my plan to become a Trooper/reclass MOS, I would like to explain my reasoning:

              I do not have a strong high school record, ie; if I was to apply to WEST POINT while I was a senior in school, I would likely be turned down.

              Academically, I was always at the top of my class in comprehension and testing of curriculum. Application of that curriculum was much more of a problem for me, and I failed multiple classes due only to a lack of consistantly doing home work. Looking back, I realize how immature my actions were and my biggest regret is not realizing how well I could have done had I applied myself.

              Also, I have demonstrated leadership skills in numerous clubs/teams, although there is little of that documented. I do not think that WEST POINT is looking for mechanics that they can turn into leaders, nor am I interested in a career in mechanics, which is why I am interested in reclassification to (engineering or intelligence).

              While some skepticism has been shown for my choice to become a Trooper AND apply for WEST POINT, I would just like to point out the WEST POINT has often been described as one of the most rigorous Universities in the country. Considering that, I believe that it is in my best interest to push myself in fields that will prepare me for what I could face at WEST POINT. Factoring in the requirements for WEST POINT, the requirements I would need to meet if I was interested in OCS, and my ultimate goal in life, it is my belief that the plan I have drafted is the way to fulfill my goals.

              For example: the college courses will allow me to meet the suggested admissions of doing well in calculus, trig., and physics. The reclass of MOS will allow me a broader opportunity to express leadership and the 7 Army values. Trooper academy will allow me to exercise and demonstrate the discipline and knowledge I will learn over the course of BCT, AIT, and drilling as a Guardsman.

              I expect hard work, long hours, and a mental and physical challenge. I expect to grow. I expect to be all that I can be.

              I am trying to make the most of my life and to me that means serving both my community and my country.

              So again, thank you all for your concerns and input! I will stick to my gut and follow my plan as best I can over the course of the next 2 years.

              As always, I welcome your opinions as well as any advice you may have.



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                Re: Enlisted looking for advice

                I understand your reasoning, although I have grave concerns that (1) you're doing too much at once, and may burn out, and (2) even if you succeed, your timelines are so tight that you won't have any time to benefit from what you've accomplished. I would recommend doing two things well than three or four things mediocre.


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                  Re: Enlisted looking for advice

                  Also, most states it is a very difficult process to get hired by the state police. I know here there are tons of applicants and very few hires, and the hiring process takes many months.


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                    Re: Enlisted looking for advice

                    Thank you for your concern.

                    I will take note not to over-exert and commit myself and may eliminate steps that are proving to be too much effort for the reward (ie; Trooper academy) when the time comes that I need to do so. Until then, I will take one step at a time and make sure to constantly reevaluate my plan in order to keep on track and make any neccessary changes.

                    Thanks again for your replies. I will try to keep this post updated as I progress through each phase of my plan.

                    ALSO: I did not mention this in the OP, but I have been studying for the Stripes for Skills in hopes of acheiving E-2 PVT before shipping to BCT. I assume I will be taking the test at my first (and only) RSP the weekend of 20-22 JAN 12. Any advice?

                    Wish me luck!


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                      Re: Enlisted looking for advice

                      Here in South Carolina we have The Citadel Military college. My friend (who I went to high school with, who is in my unit and a 15T just like me), goes to the citadel. Its rough from what hes told me. Your freshman (****) year is tough, the first week is the hardest. They make you keep your head shaved, can't leave school except on holidays. I wont go into detail but it would be a great alternative to West Point.

                      When we have drill he has to put in leave to his first sergeant at school and he leaves Friday Nights, drills with us Saturday and Sunday, then goes back to school after drill on Sunday. Sometimes our NCO lets him go early on Sundays because they know how the Citadel is.

                      So I don't know if you knew about the Citadel but it would be a great choice. I supposed you can transfer to a unit here in SC? Someone else correct me if I'm wrong.

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                        Re: Enlisted looking for advice


                        I hadn't heard of The Citadel before. Thank you for showing me this, I will definitely look into it!

                        As a matter of fact, I haven't looked much into any of the other military colleges. Time to do some more research.


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                          Re: Enlisted looking for advice

                          I couldn't let this pass without putting in a competing plug for Virginia's own state military college, the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). VMI is certainly competitive, although not quite as hard to get into as West Point. If you make it clear to the VMI admissions office that you will pursue ROTC and a military commission, that may provide some advantage on your application (I presume that this would also help at The Citadel).