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  • OCSoptions?

    My husband is currently in BCT at Fort Benning with a graduation date of December 5th. He is scheduled to start OCS the week after BCT graduation. He is currently in the hospital due to an infection in his arm. He wanted me to post a question on this forum as he is trying to find out what options he has if any for OCS. He is told that his battalion does not recycle soldiers, so assuming that he is able to graduate from BCT we're thinking that he will not be physically able to make it through OCS right away. Is there any way to apply to have his orders changed until after the Christmas Break so his body can have a chance to recover? Is it possible to get orders changed from going to OCS and go back to an enlisted training? If he does have to OCS right after BCT and the infection comes back, or he can't meet the physical requirements due to a weakened physical state from just having overcome a serious infection, what happens? Does he get chaptered out of the National Guard, or does he just change to an enlisted MOS? He earned a bachelor's degree in public administration from Northern Arizona University in Spring of 2013. He would however like to go back to college as soon as his National Guard training is done to get an engineering degree. He is looking at attending West Virginia University. Would that offer any commissioning possibilities? He is in contact with his recruiter about this since he is in the hospital and has access to a phone. Any advice, however, for his consideration would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    He's not going to OCS until he's off of profile and take/pass the APFT. As far as his orders being extended ect, he really needs to talk to the NG liaison at his training post. They will be able to help him out and work with his state.


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      I will try and take this piece by piece from what I understand. Maybe someone on here will be able to provide more detail. First, what kind of infection is it? A soldier has to be able to pass a final PT test in order to graduate from BCT. So he should be a least physically able to handle that much prior to being released from training. If he misses too much training then I don't see how they could just pass him on and graduate him. You have to meet the standards prior to graduation and that can't be done if you don't have all of the necessary training completed.

      As far as going OCS or to AIT, I think he would run into the same issue. You still have to be able to pass the PT test during phases of AIT. They may hold back privileges if he is unable to pass the PT test. What is the more likely scenario is that he finishes BCT and still plans to go to OCS then he would go home to recoup and once done they either send him back to the fast track OCS or he does the state OCS (one weekend a month, two weeks a year). OCS has medics as well, so if he is there and the infection comes back they will take care of him. If he misses too much they may have to recycle him or if it is really bad remove him from the program until he can come back when he is healthy.

      He can drop from the OCS program, but then the state will assign him an MOS that meets the needs of the state and move him on from there (he may have some choice as to his MOS, but that isn't guaranteed from what I have heard). It is possible that he would go straight to AIT from BCT and hang out until he is well enough to start AIT. They may ship him home until he is well, but when I went through BCT and we had injuries or sickness you stayed at the BCT med hold until you were well, we weren't allowed to go home to recoup and then come back.

      As far as commissioning while in college ROTC may be an option for him, that is something that his recruiter would have to discuss with him.


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        Thanks for the input. I will mention to him what everyone has written. The infection that he has is cellulitis in his arm.