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Brother A10 pilot - I'm Infantry

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  • Brother A10 pilot - I'm Infantry

    Funny, I never get to these forums, but now that I look around, it's pretty cool. So - here's my story. My brother, a (now) LTC in the USAF has deployed more times than I can count since 2001 as an A10 driver. Granted, it's only 3-6 months at a time, but it's still gotta suck. He was there doing CAS in Afghanistan and in Iraq (although not much CAS in Iraq). Most of his time has been in Afghanistan. Anyway, not having much experience with CAS, I asked him after my first tour in Iraq 2003, what's the best way to initiate CAS without an FST (I was thinking squad tactics here). His answer is to find the best JTAC you can. I kept that in mind during our train-up for our OEF missions and I have made it a point to engage our Air Force folks and employing a bit of Joint mind-meld. I think the advice and the relationships I built have been well worth it. I gained valuable knowledge and had an ACE in my pocket in case our FST was AWOL. Leaders - keep that in mind for your future deployments and make sure you give our USAF brothers a hard time. My brother is constantly reminding me that the Air Force is "...above the rest..." /sigh XD