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Joining with a family?

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  • Joining with a family?

    I'm 27, married with a 2 year old son and another boy due late December. My entire life I wanted to join the military, I was just pushed away toward a career (by family) and my own stupidity (being a normal college kid). I have friends that are either active duty or in the National Guard, none of which are married right now.

    I have a tough time talking to my wife about it, especially because I have a great job designing graphic/industrial athletic facilities all over the country for major universities, which is also 1 minute away from where we live... Making spectacular money.

    After all of that, I still feel the urge to join. What do I do? Any advice is helpful. Thanks

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    No one here can tell you what to do. If you have targeted questions about people's personal experience balancing Guard/Family/Professional life ask those, otherwise you're not going to get much help. Best of luck to you.


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      Nobody here will tell you what to do, but I will speak from my own experience. I have a wife and had no need to join the National Guard, but it is something that I wanted to do. I made the decision to join. It's not something I wanted to dwell on for the rest of my life or for days to come. I finished the process in less than 1 month and I leave to basic combat training next week. It's up to you and how strongly you feel about it.


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        I, too, dreamed of joining the Army my entire life. When it became right NG was the option I chose because I have a family, too. I'm 29 and I have two kids and a wonderful girlfriend who supports me leaving her for months so I can go out and blow stuff up. I didn't want to let my dream pass me by. Good luck!


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          Go for it and good luck!


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            Go for it and good luck.


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              A man only lives one life. You have a lot of things going for you it seems. You wouldn't be joining for college money or money at all. That's the type of soldier I want as an NCO. Chances are, you would make a good soldier.


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                Making good money huh? Pay me and I'll give you the write answer.

                In all seriousness, I am 28yrs old, married with 2 kids (4 and 1 1/2) and just got home from basic on Thanksgiving. I can tell you that I wouldn't have made it without the support of my wife. It can be done and its quite simple once she gives you the okay. Yes, I missed them to death but this was also something I've always wanted to do and the NG was what I thought was best for me. Yes, I was the oldest private in the company but its all good. I made it and I'm happy. Talk it over with her and get going. You're not getting any younger.


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                  Originally posted by SPIRITSRHIGH View Post
                  [...]leaving her for months so I can go out and blow stuff up. I didn't want to let my dream pass me by. Good luck!
                  Outstanding. BEST hair-brained look from navy tech at MEPS "what you gonna do in the army?" me: "Well, I hope to blow **** up sir."

                  Volcomk- It is truly a calling, and if you keep hearing it you should probably heed it. It's taken me 2 years to finally find where I fit to serve and I'm primed to leave in 2 weeks for OSUT bct. I'm leaving my wife and 6mo old girl behind, but they'll be fine with friends and family in the meantime. Start looking now is my advice. Good Luck.