Be among the best of the best and operate behind enemy lines on a path that offers unmatched excitement, variety and satisfaction. As a Special Forces Soldier, you may train and lead small foreign populations in unconventional warfare, making them experts in guerrilla warfare. Or you may be part of a Direct Action (DA) mission, quickly dropping into an area to capture a prisoner, seize important materials or destroy enemy equipment.

Being a Special Forces Soldier is very physically demanding. Excellent eyesight and top physical conditioning are required to reach mission objectives via air, land or water. All Special Forces Soldiers are required to be qualified parachutists. Most are also qualified Military Free-Fall (HALO) parachutists and combat divers.

Want to join Special Forces? Discover the SF path you should take if you're up to the challenge. Review criteria, qualifications and what it takes to be the best of the best.